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Electronic cigarette has become a substitute for some smokers in Europe.

Electronic cigarette has become a substitute for some smokers in Europe.




With the spread of the smoking ban in Eastern Europe, cigarette sales throughout Europe are declining, and cigarette consumers are turning to electronic cigarette products, a new product that drives the growth of the tobacco industry.


Recent reports show that cigarette sales in the UK have fallen by 20%, while some e-cigarette companies'e-cigarette products are on the rise.


With the implementation of the Tobacco Control Act, many consumers of tobacco products are forced to find alternatives, and electronic tobacco products become their first choice.


In addition, Vaporizer can make consumers consume without obstacles. As the Guardian pointed out in its article, the sale of traditional tobacco products in the tobacco industry has lost its momentum. The government has passed new legislation to make the brand of tobacco products a big problem. Australia wants to implement the policy of plain bread packaging of tobacco products, which makes this problem being solved all over the world. Governments are paying close attention, and Britain is no exception. Under such circumstances, more and more people are turning to electronic cigarette products.



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