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Since last year, Sichuan has issued 9157 prosecution suggestions or related to your interests

Since last year, Sichuan has issued 9157 prosecution suggestions or related to your interests

Sichuan online news (reporter Ren Hong) on September 18, the people's Procuratorate of Sichuan Province held a press conference to release the work of procuratorial suggestions and high-quality cases, 14 cases including he XX financial loan contract dispute application for procuratorial supervision, and he XX online food safety supervision administrative public interest litigation procuratorial suggestions and supervision of food and Drug Administration of a city were selected. The reporter learned from the press conference that since 2018, the provincial prosecutors have issued 9157 procuratorial suggestions to relevant units. Many of these suggestions are related to people's life.

Picture provided by provincial Procuratorate

Since last year, the province's procuratorial organs have put forward a total of 2013 procuratorial proposals for social governance, 46 procuratorial proposals for the loopholes in campus supervision found in the handling of cases, 190 procuratorial proposals for the special fight against the crime and the fight against drugs and AIDS, which has effectively promoted the comprehensive social governance. Focusing on public welfare maintenance, 4948 pre litigation procuratorial suggestions were put forward to urge the restoration of more than 8137 mu of forest land, cultivated land, wetland and grassland that were polluted, damaged and illegally occupied, urge the clearance of more than 150000 tons of domestic garbage and solid waste, urge the removal of 42743 unqualified Online catering sellers, and effectively promote the solution of public welfare problems such as environmental protection and food safety. Around the illegal actions in the lawsuit, 1554 suggestions were put forward to correct the illegal prosecutions, which effectively promoted the justice of law enforcement and judicature. In view of the appeal of the effective judgment of the court, the procuratorial suggestions are put forward to supervise the settlement of the litigation related problems in the local area, and 354 procuratorial suggestions are put forward in criminal, civil and administrative retrial. In the first half of 2019, a total of 106 procuratorial proposals were put forward for retrial of the court's civil effective judgment and mediation statement, with the number of proposals and the adoption rate of the court significantly increasing, effectively reducing the burden of litigation.

The excellent cases of procuratorial suggestions issued this time cover four types of procuratorial suggestions, i.e. retrial, correction of violation of law, public interest litigation and social governance, highlighting the application of procuratorial suggestions by procuratorial organs to solve outstanding problems of social public welfare, people's livelihood and interests and justice in law enforcement and judicature, improving the level of social governance and promoting the practice and effect of administration according to law.


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